Shanghai Kangda Medical Equipment Group’s Digital Subtraction Angiography Equipment Starts Clinical Trial at Ningbo First Hospital
2021/06/16  EN_上海电气集团有限公司

On June 3rd, Ningbo Kangda Kaineng Medical Technology Co., Ltd., owned by Shanghai Kangda Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd., collaborated with Ningbo First Hospital to start the clinical test of its digital subtraction angiography (DSA) equipment.

It is widely accepted by medical professionals that DSA is the most accurate evaluation in diagnosing vascular diseases with advantages of low radiation dose, high-definition image, powerful software functions and high efficiency. However, foreign brands have occupied largest share of the DSA equipment market in China, imposing a lot of difficulties for Chinese DSA equipment manufacturers. The DSA clinical trial launched by Shanghai Kangda Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo First Hospital will boost the localization of DSA technologies and the development of diagnosis and treatment using interventional radiology in China.

The DSA equipment developed by Shanghai Kangda Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is characterized by world-leading imaging technologies and able to reconstruct 3D images by employing an image acquisition system with a high precision, high-resolution flat panel detector, flexible C-arm and powerful image processing workstation. Furthermore, it is able to provide good-quality images via path guiding in the 3D panorama, 3D image fusion and reconstruction and LCI (low contrast imaging) reconstruction. Thanks to the international advanced all-around radiation dose management technology, the simple and streamlined work flow and integrated ultra-large screen display system it can help doctors to make accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. The DSA equipment made in China has outperformed its foreign counterparts in a much shorter time due to its excellent performance.

Ningbo First Hospital is the largest 3A-level general hospital in Ningbo City. The inception of this DSA program is a watershed for the hospital in the diagnosis and treatment using interventional radiology, which is of remarkable significance to enhance its diagnosis, treatment and service quality.