Shanghai Electric Environmental Protection Group’s Waste Power Plant in Dandong Will Possibly Be Connected to Grid in 2021
2021/06/16  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

The waste-to-energy plant work site at Dandong City bustled with activity recently. Shanghai Electric’s project team is dashing towards the goal at full speed: finish the construction of the main factory in Q3 and get connected to the grid and start generating electricity in Q4.

On the premise of ensuring safety and quality, we are working more rapidly in construction in order to have this plant connected to the grid and generate power within 2021 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. According to a manager of Shanghai Electric Group (Dandong) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., it is Shanghai Electric’s first environmental protection project in the northeastern China and an important move for Shanghai Electric Environmental Protection Group whose market strategy is based on pilot demonstrations. The project will also help to ease Dandong’s problem of being surrounded by wastes and to establish a lasting environmental protection mechanism.

The plant is designed to process 1,500 tons per day in total, and 2,500 tons per day for Phase I. Since the groundbreaking on April 18, 2020, all has been progressed as scheduled despite adversities like COVID-19. As of now, the waste pit has been extended to 22 meters deep; the main structure of the gas turbine workshop has built to 15 meters high, and that of the gas clean-up cell to 7 meters; the construction on the 13-meter level for the excessive heat boiler has been finished; and basic parts for the gas turbine have been accepted and delivered for further installation. The gas turbine, generator and exhausts are hoisted to right positions, and the excessive heat boiler and incinerator are undergoing installation.